Thursday, November 4, 2010

The problem with "forgive and forget"

The problem with forgive and forget it’s exactly that: you forget. You forget that there are people out there that can hurt you with all intention, people that seem to be good but deceive you. Many times they are just people that believe their own lies with the purpose of using them to win the sympathy of others. People that, even though you know them, they confuse you. You forgive and forget, time passes and you re-discover that monster over and over again.
Then we learn we have to keep on forgiving and remember that without God, is not going to be easy. And the problem is He deletes everything and sometimes we are scare because we want to remember. We want to make sure next time we see that person again we see a big warning sign in bold letters, underlined and with a thousand exclamation signs next to it.
But it is worth it. Life is a garden in which we all have to live. We have to allow that God, like a good gardener, pulls all the weeds off of our surroundings. No good plant can grow and survive surrounded by weed. None of us can grow healthy with resentment, pride and lie… I’d rather forgive. I'd rather re-discover that monster every time than to live killing it every day because at the end, I will just be allowing it to slowly kill me.
Let’s just thank the monsters in our lives because they make us a better person. Thank them because without them we would forget how tiny we are compared with the grace of a great God. A God so loving that He is able to forgive us and help us forgive. A God so mighty and perfect that He can give us a new heart every day without the need of anesthesia, with minimal pain and with lots and lots of love. I think it’s worth it.

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  1. Correction: God does not erase what happenned but He can and will erase the pain that was provoked. That's the beauty of it.